With the completion of the Great Huki in 2011, the task of managing the regrowth of mudweed in Maunalua Bay became the kuleana of the community. With Mālama Maunalua as the organization leading the effort and The Nature Conservancy as its partner, a plan of action was implemented that emphasized the need for volunteers from the community to play a huge part to the restoration of Maunalua Bay.

Mālama Maunalua implemented an “Adopt a Plot” program in 2014 to provide an opportunity for community members to continuously be involved in improving the Bay. In the 27 acres off of Paiko Beach that Mālama Maunalua is responsible for, there are 1200 plots that are each 10X10 meters. Many of these plots are smothered with invasive algae and need to be worked on by volunteers. Even with the large community groups participating in hukis multiple times a month, more volunteers are needed to help maintain these plots. As and Adopt a Plot volunteer you will receive your own 10X10m plot that you can clear and maintain on your own time.

Contact us to Adopt a Plot!

Commitment of a Mālama Maunalua Adopt a Plot volunteer:

  1. Complete a Mālama Maunalua orientation and Adopt a Plot training session, which includes information on: Equipment use and storage, GPS use for navigation, algae identification data assessments/reporting.
  2. Safeguard and properly store equipment.
  3. Adhere to water safety rules (I certify my ability to swim, and will always ensure all volunteers I engage are competent swimmers.)
  4. Maintain your adopted plots to a level less than 10% invasive algae for a minimum 1 year commitment.
  5. Learn how to conduct visual monitoring, and collect and submit data at least once a year.
  6. Track and submit your volunteer hours every quarter.

Roles and responsibilities of a Mālama Maunalua plot adoptee:

  1. Compile success stories and other feedback (positive and negative) to help MM improve and extend the Adopt A Plot program to other neighborhoods. Take pictures of activities in action, and submit pictures and articles to staff for monthly newsletters.
  2. Assist in spreading the word to others about what you and MM are doing to help Maunalua Bay and how they can learn and participate.