Mālama Maunalua uses varied planning tools and techniques to develop conservation strategies on land and water to achieve our conservation goals.

Our planning is:

Collaborative – We work closely with the community, government agencies, businesses, and academia.

Science-based – We use the best social and natural science available to make informed decisions.

Results oriented – We strive to create strategies that tackle problems and achieve meaningful outcomes.

How we use planning to inform our work:

Maunalua Bay Conservation Action Plan

In 2006, Mālama Maunalua completed a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) for Maunalua Bay. The community planning effort helped establish the organization’s main strategies.

CAP Strategies:

  • Remove invasive alien algae
  • Reduce land based pollution (nutrients and sediment)
  • Increase fish biomass

Habitat Restoration Plan

Mālama Maunalua implements strategies to remove and prevent regrowth of Invasive Alien Algae. The focus of our work is in the 28+ acres of Paiko beach. Our goal is to clear the area of harmful algae to restore a marine habitat with healthy, native seagrass and algae.


  • Launch the Seagrass Restoration Initiative
  • Determine plot maintenance strategy for 4 acres at Paiko Restoration Area via hukis and Adopt A Plot
  • Expand knowledge through a Maunalua Bay algae consortium

Maunalua Bay Knowledge Assessment

Mālama Maunalua is working with the community to document social, ecological, and economic knowledge about the Bay. Step one was to collect the readily available research that has been conducted in Maunalua Bay. We are please to share this repository of information with the Maunalua Bay community – click on button below.  We intend to build to this library as new information is shared with us and further research is conducted.

Community Initiatives

Mālama Maunalua is proud to participate in community initiatives that take root in the Maunalua Bay region.  Through our involvement, we are able to learn from residents and bay users and build to our knowledge about the Bay, which is a critical component to our science and planning effort.  At present, there are two initiatives of particular importance to MM, and of which could use community participation.

Join the Maunalua Watershed Snapshot Team.  Through leadership from Hawaii Conservation Alliance, the team created a “snapshot” of health of the Maunalua region. More work is to be done in 2017, including special projects on water quality and more, where community involvement is needed.

Participate in the Maunalua Bay Recreational Advisory Committee (MRAC) process. Community members are welcome to attend the quarterly meetings to hear from the representatives, ask questions, and/or voice concerns. Click below for information on MRAC and on how to contact your ocean representative.