Mālama Maunalua is working with the community to document knowledge about the Bay.  Through our years of working in Maunalua Bay, we know that there is substantial amount of information on the Bay. We also know that the information is not in a centralized clearinghouse thereby making it hard for the community to access.

The purpose of the Maunalua Bay Knowledge Assessment was to create the first ever adoptive online repository of information on Maunalua Bay with open-access to the community. We conducted an in-depth literature review on ecological, human use, sources of stress (threats), and governance in Maunalua Bay.  We also reached out to agencies and organizations to acquire monitoring data and grey-literature. The references are available to the community to access by going to our Resource Library.

Click here to access:  Resource Library


The second step of the Knowledge Assessment was to create an ArcGIS database. The value of this project is to be able to see where research has been conducted and how data on ecology, human use, sources of stress, and governance overlap.  The database is available on a ArcGIS portal for the community to access.

Click here to learn more about ArcGIS online: http://www.arcgis.com/home/search.html?q=maunalua%20bay%20knowledge&t=content&start=1&sortOrder=desc&sortField=relevance


We consider the Maunalua Bay Knowledge Assessment to be a work in progress. Please contact us with information so we can continual update the resource library and GIS database.