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Habitat Restoration

Learn about our Huki programs and the exciting new partnership with Pono Pacific.

Regulations in Maunalua Bay

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HCA Maunalua Watershed Snapshot Poster 2016

Opportunities for involvement in community initiatives

Participate in the Maunalua Bay Recreational Advisory Committee (MRAC) process to address commercial and recreational use of the bay.

Join the Maunalua Watershed Snapshot Team to address ahupua`a health in the Maunalua region.



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Why support Mālama Maunalua?


For the Bay

Everything we do serves our mission to restore and conserve the biological and cultural treasure that is Maunalua Bay.


For the Future

We believe it is all of our kuleana to work together towards a healthy, sustainable Maunalua Bay for our children and grandchildren.


For Life

We work closely with residents, scientists, and businesses to to improve the economic and cultural well-being of our community.

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UH Manoa Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM) grad students did excellent in-depth studies on the Bay! They were from Dr. Crow and Dr. Oleson's class, and their projects are listed below:

Investigating the sediment dynamics in Maunalua Bay:
Carmen Antaky, Tanya Harrison, Blaire J. Langston, Brendan Martin & Courtney Payne analyzed the contributions of each watershed and correlations with land use type. They found that most sediment is retained in the upper part of the watershed in forested areas, and that most outputs come from Waialaenui and Wailupe.

A Survey of Students and Community: Lessons from Economic Analysis of Maunalua Bay:
Natalie Andreyka, Chelsea Arnott, Sara Tanigawa & Aissa Yazzie developed a survey specifically for recreational, commercial businesses that regularly operate within Maunalua Bay. Their report focused on better understanding and improving ways in which students connect with commercial operators in Maunalua Bay and inform future valuation efforts.

An Analysis of Declining Water Quality in Maunalua Bay:
Kristen Corey, Kelly Lariosa, Amy Markel, Stacey Torigoe & Nate Wehr's group took steps to characterize water quality in Maunalua Bay, to test methods for water quality assessment, and develop recommendations for constructing a Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) to allow for consistent water quality monitoring in the bay and facilitate the release of information to stakeholders and community members.

Ogo? Oh no! Effects of invasive algae removal in Maunalua Bay:
Jared Char, Casey Ching, Rylen Nakama, Paul Riley & Genelle Watkins investigated the effects of IAA removal on the Bay given the sharp decline in native seagrass. Algae provide habitat for crustaceans, mollusks, and marine worms, all of which are prey for larger invertebrate species and predatory fishes. They took measurements of fish population diversity, abundance, and biomass and surveyed fishermen.
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