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Huki Opportunities

Mālama Maunalua is focused on removing invasive alien algae (IAA) from the Bay, mainly by spearheading community huki removal events  and Adopt-a-Plot.

Community HukiOur community huki are volunteer-based events that bring the community together in order to restore the health of Maunalua Bay.  They are scheduled at least once a month on a Saturday, aligning with lower tides. Volunteers will learn about the problems facing the Bay as well as the three main types of invasive alien algae that we remove from the nearshore waters. On average, we host between 30-100 volunteers per event.

Educational HukiEducational huki events are intended for grade school students. These fun and informational events are a great way for students to learn more about the impacts of invasive alien algae on our island environment, specifically at Maunalua Bay. Students will identify both invasive and native algae species and will learn the important role that healthy watersheds play in maintaining healthy oceans. Students will put their knowledge into practice by participating in a huki (pull) and will remove invasive algae from the nearshore waters.

Corporate HukiWe enjoy providing outdoor opportunities for our local businesses.

Adopt-a-PlotMālama Maunalua has 10 x 10 meter plots in the Paikō Restoration Area that can be adopted by community members. Adopters will be trained on how to steward the plot and maintain it free of invasive alien algae.

To ensure that we provide an enjoyable and safe volunteer experience for community of all ages, Mālama Maunalua staffs every Huki event with at least three knowledgeable team members. We appreciate every group and individual who gives their time to restore the Bay.

Please call us at (808) 395-5050 (x1) to schedule a group for a community, educational or corporate huki or Adopt-a-Plot. For more information about our Huki Program, email volunteer@malamamaunalua.org.

Mālama Maunalua does not charge for participation in a huki. If you or your group can make a donation to our program that would be appreciated as well. To donate, please discuss with our Huki Program Coordinator when scheduling an event or visit http://www.malamamaunalua.org. All donations are tax-deductible.


Volunteer Internships

Benefits of an Internship:

  • Gain experience working with a non-profit environmental organization.
  • Be provided with a unique opportunity to meet a range of potential employers – non-profit organizations, government agencies, academia, community, businesses, others.
  • Work on regional marine resource issues, along with members from the community who depend upon the bay for recreation and livelihoods.
  • Flexible hours in a casual work environment.
  • A final product to document and share with prospective employers.


Outreach Intern

The main responsibility will be to enhance MM’s outreach capacity. In particular, the Intern will 1) lead MM’s outreach initiatives, including representation of the organization at MM’s Huki Events and community events (e.g., Aquarium Mauka-Makai, Hawaii Kai Fishing Derby, Ka Iwi Coast Run), and 2) provide internal outreach support, as needed (e.g., create flyers, develop new partners). The Outreach Intern must enjoy public speaking, sharing with the community of all ages, and fully understand the work of which MM is engaged. The Outreach Intern will work with the MM staff. Hours are flexible but will require time on the weekends.


Habitat Restoration Program Intern

The main responsibility will be to continue the pilot seagrass transplant project. Over the past year, MM has tested seagrass transplanting to help jumpstart seagrass growth in areas recently cleared by huki events. The Habitat Restoration Program Intern will oversee seagrass transplanting, monitoring, and contribute to the transplanting protocol. MM’s Science Team will provide support, but the intern is expected to work largely independently. Hours are flexible.


Pam Weiant, Director of Science and Planning: pweiant@malamamaunalua.org

Volunteer Events

Next Community Huki: September 22nd